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Give Strength to your Ideas


Give voice to your Talents!

my name is ValorY.

I am the first digital platform dedicated
entirely to the Youth..

Yes, right to YOU!!!


A real place of exchange where you can find:

Ideas, suggestions and custom advice


Guys sharing their stories

Thrilling challenges and outstanding prizes

My main features are


Inside the App, “virtual becomes real” thanks to a team of people who will be by your side to help you grow your passions and turn them into achievable dreams.


We’ll have fun together with a “game” where you’ll be the team captain, win points in order to live real-life experiences.


Alongside with me, your dreams, your ambitions, your being yourself will take shape along your growth path toward your goals.

I am ready to be downloaded to your smartphone: I need your support
to prepare all the contents you want to share with ValorYoungs, guys like you who are already in the Valory World!

So propose me your ideas, see below how, and don’t miss the updates on VALORY APP

Choose your patch

A place where the awareness of your passions will turn into growth opportunities, to live in a world at the height of your dreams.

Thanks to Valory you will know, understand, grow and build your future opportunities putting you in comparison with those who have already done it or who can give you the advice to do what makes you feel fulfilled.


Inform me, Teach me and Transform me

In this section we will know each other and you will be able to receive deeper answers in real time, the more you will progress and reach higher levels inside the App.

You will give me a face, thanks to the creation of your Avatar, that you can customize; you will be able to take care of more and more details, the upper the levels that you will reach.

Getting to know each other

We will get to know each other as you want, the more you learn about yourself the more you will accumulate points to reach your goal. You choose what to do and which path to take.

Contest Game

Individual Challenges await you, select your passion and find out what the next competition will be.

Scopri come partecipare per mettere alla prova le tue abilità.

Accumuli punti e potrai vivere nuove emozionanti avventure.

Partecipa ai Top Contest da capitano e guida la tua squadra verso la vittoria

Let the challenge begin

Do you want to be a ValorYoung ready to challenge me to achieve your goals? Subscribe to your area of ​​interest and becomes the protagonist of your future.

By participating to #valorycontest, you will increase your level of reliability and can live concrete experiences that will help you define the path to your future.

A guide towards your future
Uncertainties about your future?

We will make a journey together to gain 
greater awareness  of who you are 
and what you will become


You will be able to follow an orientation path towards the Faculty that best suites your profile.


You will get to know our “mentors 4.0”, find your inspiration and take advantage of the learning opportunities that will be offered to you.

The Team

Would you like to get to the heart of this adventure 
by joining Team Valory?

Big surprises and opportunities to turn your dreams into reality are waiting for you.

How do you imagine me?

My name is Valory
born from the inspiration of the ideas of the temerarious young people
who participated in the first contest #appxamiconamecontest
YOU will be shaping the content and proposals to find inside me,
thanks to the continuous exchange of ideas between us.
YOU will be the protagonist of this adventure.
believes in the value of your youth
The Temerarious have imagined me like this ..

FOR YOU uno spazio infinito dai colori arcobaleno che rappresentano le mille sfumature dei ragazzi che entreranno a far parte del mio mondo, dove Tu ragazzo sarai il vero protagonista


Studente e vincitore di #appxamiconamecontest

H-APP-Y Un luogo dove i ragazzi possono esprimere se stessi e sentirsi così più consapevoli e felice del loro futuro



GROW-APP Un palloncino che vola in cielo verso l’alto per raggiungere ciò che è meglio per noi ragazzi verso il nostro percorso di vita grazie all’ equilibrio dato da una nuova consapevolezza.



OUR YOUTH La nostra giovinezza, app dedicata interamente a noi ragazzi. Un’applicazione che valorizzerà le nostre passioni per capirci sempre più nel profondo.



MY Tomo Dall’abbreviazione della parola “Amico” in giapponese mescolata alla parola inglese “my” nasce questo amico personale, pronto a dare consigli utili e a indicarci la via.



MY WAY La mia strada verso il mio futuro, le mie passioni e la vera Amicizia



Let’s Talk

In this section I will get deeper into themes that you will ask me, so leave me your feedback and you will soon find the answet to each one of your doubts!